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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hun Sen and Cambodia and a Vietnamese son, Hun Manet [Hun Manet is not Hun Sen's son, but Bun Rany's son with a Vietnamese husband?]

By Mark Smith
www.rossie.com: Hun Sen and Cambodia
(This briefing paper was sent to a Senate Committee Chairman)

I have recently heard American diplomatic personnel describing Mr. Hun Sen of Cambodia, his wife and his "children" based on a totally bogus biography, created by Vietnamese Intelligence.

Mr. Hun Sen has been awarded honorary degrees from American Colleges, based on his position and his formal educational background. His "legend," created for him by the Vietnamese, has him being a "College student" or sometimes a "High School student leader," prior to going to the jungle, to join the Khmer Rouge. In reality he attended exactly four years of Primary School. Any further "education" he received, came from Vietnamese Political Cadre.

Three years ago, when Mr. Hun Sen's advisors were attempting to gain myself as an ally, I was presented with the United Nations Geological Survey of Cambodia, along with a map. I was dumbfounded to learn that Mr. Hun Sen and his minions "own" all the natural resources of the Kingdom of Cambodia, with the exception, at that time, of three small mineral deposits marked "FUNCINPEC" on the map.

I asked Hun Sen's men, what percentage of profits, from any joint venture with American companies, exploiting these resources, would go to the National Treasury. The answer was astounding; "NONE!" The profits would be shared fifty-fifty, with the American Company putting up the initial development costs. Even better there would be no tax on resources shipped out of the country; "The port belongs to us and so does the Customs Service."

The above should give you some insight into how Hun Sen has amassed huge wealth and continues to enjoy the support of American businessmen. In other words; "Hun Sen and business 100% - Cambodia and Cambodians 0%. I would recommend not one dime of U.S. Taxpayer money go to this Government until some of the millions stolen by Hun Sen are spent first.

American diplomats and Hun Sen's American attorney are attempting another scam. Though publicly denouncing the European Union's donation of eleven plus million dollars to the up coming "election," American diplomats are using this as a hammer to pry money loose from the American Congress; "European businesses will have a leg up on American companies." Whoever bribes Hun Sen, regardless of nationality, has "a leg up" on everyone who does not. After all, as the mineral map depicts, he "owns" the country.

Homes, land and businesses belonging to assassinated FUNCINPEC members have been confiscated by the "State" and are being offered, through Hun Sen's American attorney, to American investors. These things were stolen Senator Helms, after the legitimate owners were murdered. I question, under American law, how this can be happening, with no outcry from our Government.

Lastly, I would like to once again mention the "son" of Mr. Hun Sen attending the United States Military Academy. First, this is not Hun Sen's son. This is Hun Sen's wife's son from her marriage to a Vietnamese. His background and lineage are bogus, a lie to gain entrance to an institution that prides itself in casting out any liar from its ranks. As with our Government's refusal to refer to the bloody events of July 1997, as a coup, the rules apply to everyone but Hun Sen.


Anonymous said...


Sok An's real name is Hoa Van Anh
Hok Lung Dy is Nguyen Van Son

According to what I was told by Chamnan, Sam Heang was a wife of a VN top soldier in Cambodia and he was terminally ill in 1979, so he told Hun Nal to take over his wife after his death.

According to Mark A. Sam Hang was a wife of Do Moi.

Hun Nal cancelled his wedding party with Chamnan imediately after Do Moi died to go to Sam Heang.

Hun Nal later had a love affare with Him Sivorn and Sam Heang found out and took back a motocycle that Hun Nal bought for her (Sivorn) and worn her to stop the affare or death.

Later on with Pilika. Even he deeply in love with her, He was ordered by Hanoi to banish her or he would be out of the post. Hok Long Dy organised the asassination soon after.

Hun Nal had love affair (basically had sex) with many other young girls arranged by his aids. The girls kept in a room with light off and then Hun Sen came in and attack light a mad man. That what's their inner circle widely know.

Anonymous said...

After Hun Sen cancelled his wedding with Pin Chamnan to take over Sam Heang from a VN Comander, he arrange a marriage of Pin Camnan with one of his aid and body guards Kuch Chantha. Hun Sen has a daughter with Pin Chamnan too. She lives in Cali. Hen Sen gives money to Pin Chamnan to take care of this daughter.

Anonymous said...

It is similar to Kim Jung il who was born in China but the state Chang His birth place to Chuche maintain. They even claimed when the was born there were some miracle happened too. Hun Maneth was claiming similarly that Hun sen lost his wife and the son to seek pity from peasants. Actually all was set up by Yuon like archar hem cheav

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen is very mad now, He just ordered a meeting with his senior advisors to find way to sue Mark and to find someone who post this news. Yuon also orders if IT staff to analysis who post this news and from what country. They ordered the staff to follow 24/7 on the reaction and comment by this news.

Anonymous said...

Its made sense the dying Yuon asked Yuon sen to marry his wife to control kampuchea.Stupid yuon-sen said himself that he scared only his father citizens and his red cross wife...

Anonymous said...

Wow...just like we gave our enemy a sword with the handle end to them and we grab the shape edge end and expect to survive in the fighting...This Maneth guy very lucky of all,he went to school free in expenses of all American tax-payers and in Cambodian's name sake.

How many people on this planet is lucky like that? I was wondering wich Country he is royal to Khmer or Yuon? Now he is a general in Cambodian,s army,which Country that he serves? Yuon national serves as khmer's general?
It can't be happening.....Thanks Mark smith.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Mark Smith !
Please provide us more.

Khmer Girl

Anonymous said...




និងអន្តរជាតិ។ តែដំណឹងពិសេសមួយនេះវា















ក្រពុំ ឈូក ស

Anonymous said...

Who own Angkor wat?

Who decided to have land exchange in the eastern border with Hanoi?

7 million hectares of rain-forest and farmlands have been sold for 99 years,what do you all think about that?
500,000 or more of our young people are slaving abroad in Thailand and Malaysia,many of them have been treated like animals,what do you think about that?
I know that Tea Banh was Vietcong and was appointed as commander of Cambodian Armed forces in 1979 and is still in charge,and now on top of that you learn more that Hun Manet is Viet and commanding Khmer armed forces in year to come,how do you feel about that?

Illegal Viets can come and live free in Cambodia,what you think about that?
Do you believe that Hun Sen could and can become a statesmen without the Hanoi's architects?

Isn't it history repeating itself?

True Khmer

Anonymous said...

Yes u r right, no one believed in 1950s that song ngoc mign Alias Ahchar Hem Chiev was a Yuon. If Simone said that during the time he must be accused of racism and crazy, now it is the same, history keep repeating itself.

Anonymous said...

Mark Smith is a RETARD. If he wants the truth so much why don't he ask for a DNA of Hun Sen, Bun Rany and Hun Manet already? Any of you who are bought into this LIES, it goes to show that you are just a pile of poop without an ability to know the truth. This stupid behavior was already labelled on the Khmer people in the 18th century by the invading Siems and Youns. So just becaure a retard named Mark Smith says so it's supposed to be the truth? By definition, the truth is fact and can be proven beyond any reasonable doubts. Have you ever looked at the members of the Khmer Kampuchea Krom closely. Everyone claims Khmer being, but a closer examination of any of them reveals people of a genetic mixture. Hun Manet is indeed Hun Sen's son because he is tanned just like Hun Sen. If Hun Manet is ah Youn, then he would be light-skinned already because his mom is a pure-blooded Chinese which light skinned. Just the physical feature alone, it is already proven. So how much space is any of you retards out there is going to waste your lifeline debating this sh*t.

Anonymous said...

i don't believed it, until proven

will never brain washed me,
it not enough evident to prove it
to make me believe ....

Anonymous said...

2:27 PM You do your research to know the truth, otherwise you'll be ignorance for life until Yuon slash your throat like they did during Chey Chetha 2 and KR regime.

Not": It worth notice that Hun sen afraid of people because people have axes and knives to chop his head. Socondly he afraid of his father because he hit and kill his mother in 1997 and he afraid of his wife because Sam hang secured and secure the premiership for him. That's the reasons behind his claim recently.

Anonymous said...

2.05PM idiot!

It's your duty to go and ask your bosses: Hun Nal, Sam Heang, Maneth of what they have to explain. Then ask for their DNA. Next, go to ask Pen Sovan, Pin Chamnan, Chea Sim and Mark Smith.

We are waiting for you to exlain with a clear proof and explaination that they didn't lie about their biography.

Anonymous said...

There is a few facts that I agree with. However, Mark Smith is just a make up name to look like a Western reporter wrote the article. Come people! Stop make things up. This report is likely created by Sam Rainsy supporters.

It is okay to support Sam Rainsy and hate Hun Sen. However, by make things up is not going to make Sam Rainsy looked any better. Actually, it could be the opposit affect.

Anonymous said...

2:48 PM
You ask google if you dont know who is Mark A. Smith.

Anonymous said...

There's a million of Mark Smith out there. Stop making it up.

Anonymous said...

Learn to search for a particular Mark A. Smith with relation to Cambodia. You are nearly there. Good boy!

Anonymous said...

For those who like to blame America and US govt.

Don't blame America and US gvt because they have no eyes no ears and no heart, but blame the persons in power during that time. Like now u should blame Obama. Some of u guys didn't vote for McCain. Things would have change a lot because McCain is tough toward Hun Sen and Yuons. Learn to hit the right spot by knowing US politics n international relations. Learn to keep good friends like mike, brad Adam, McCain, Dana Rora b, and the rests by keeping and nurturing good connection with them. If you don't do Hun Sen and Yuons will do. Do it professionally, diplomatically, cordially and constantly, otherwise Yuons will influent one by one untill no one left for us.

This meant for SRP, KI, Khmerize and HRP only. If you have done , that's perfect. If not, do it. Don't need those guy only when you need help. They are also human beings that need encouragement, comforts and gratitude as we do

Anonymous said...

Stop make things up! And grow up, boy!

Anonymous said...

You learn something yet about Cambodia history like Ahchar Hem Cheav pretended to be a brother of Song Ngoc Thanh, and now Samheang control Cambodia through her pussy? Learn to relate one event to another then you can know what's what, ok boy! try harder!

Anonymous said...

does hun manet look like youn?? NO you idiot.

Anonymous said...

Use your own brain to judge what you believe, noone can force you to believe in a democratic country.

Anonymous said...

The mother of Kim Jung Un which is a Japanese was forced to change her name from Japanese name KO YOUNG HEE to a Korean name RI EUN-SHIL. Whereas Hun Nal changed to Hun Sen and Bun Samheang was changed to Bun Rany to cover their traces.

Dictators have the same tactics, they do whatever they feel right for them even it is disgusting and shameful. ​

Anonymous said...

this faked general, didn't know khmer much,, no evident proven.

he does not know real fact, real story, he wrote based on faked stories.,

over all, i don't believe it & don't brain washed me,,

Anonymous said...

Your brain is too dirty to be washed. Pluck it out and chuck in the bin.

Anonymous said...

Dude!...you're cracking me up...lol...You make my day...I just want to ask you this:which one is better knives,axes,or A-K 47 ? Hun sen scared of red cross from hell+his father citizens,yes hunsen admitted that.

Anonymous said...

Dude! You must get paid from crook to defend Cpp in this public forum that is why you so angry at a ghost writer my pal Mark Smith,he told the truth about what he knew.Dude,You need anger management fellow...!

We all have time do nothing like you that the reason why we are here to write the truth about your Boss to make you mad, so you can get stress out and joint your uncle Ho/ Hok in Hell...

Kill time...

Anonymous said...

Tell me about Chaijaytha ll i want to know more about this sorry-Ass king.Does Hun sen is Chaijaytha ll reincarnation?...Is that true that this king married Yuon girl and fall victim by Yuon-lover? Tell me more...


Anonymous said...

The research show that if you have a dog as your pet too long,your dog start to act like you and look like you...the same as Hun sen and Hun manet they live together for three decades,so they will look alike.Don't blame me,blame researcher...Hun manet is yuon's son.


Anonymous said...

Yes Hun Manet is Youn, and all of you wasting time on here are my fucking sons and fucking grandsons.